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Decorative Concrete & Overlays In Augusta and the Entire Central Savannah River Area


Our residential applications know no limits. Transform your old, dull concrete into a beautiful, useable space. Basements


Show your customers how much you care by making your commercial floors beautiful, unique works of art. Your staff will appreciate it too


Our industrial floors can withstand the heavy traffic and hardwearing that usually comes with an industrial facility

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New Jersey Designer Floors places a high value on integrity in our work, and superior customer service. We offer professional-grade epoxy coatings, polished concrete, stain and seals, self-leveling, and demolition services for residential and commercial spaces in Short Hills, New Jersey. We are excited to collaborate with you on your project.

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Concrete Overlays

What are Decorative Overlays? Protect & Beautify your Floors!

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What is Concrete Polishing?

A polished concrete floor is the result of grinding down concrete using varying diamond grit sizes, to achieve a glassy, polished, durable surface. Polished concrete floors are commonly used in larger industrial or commercial areas, are a great fit for your Livingston shipping hub due to their cost-effectiveness. There are a few different polishing styles, such as a matte polish, or grind and seal. These typically involve fewer steps than a full mechanical polish, while still achieving a similar result. These types of floors generally cost less per square foot than epoxy floors, making them a favorable option for large areas. Include a picture of polished concrete.

Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring Solutions in New Jersey and Manhattan. Upgrade Your Floors.”

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