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Epoxy Flooring In Augusta
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Why Choose Epoxy?

Epoxy coatings are the most durable and reliable flooring solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. From the stain and water resistance to the easy maintenance, there is no other flooring solution available that can offer those things at exceptionally low prices. Some other benefits epoxy has over other flooring systems include:

Seamless & Sanctuary

Epoxy is Non-Porous, Makes It Hard For Bacteria To Accumulate, Seamless Application Prevents Grout Lines Where Mold Or Germs Build Up

Resistant To Stains

Epoxy does not absorb stains easily, making it highly resistant to oil and chemical spills


Epoxy is non-absorbent so it will not absorb moisture and is resilient to common water damage or flooding. Additives can be added to make it extremely non-slip

Easy Maintenance

When installed correctly, Epoxy requires very little upkeep. No buffing or waxing necessary to keep the floor in pristine condition


Additives Help Make This Extremely Non-Slip, It Is Non-Absorbent So Will Not Absorb Moisture.

Services Explained


Flake floors are made up of vinyl chips/ mica flakes that are broadcasted 1-2 times on top of a base coat, scraped in-between, and then sealed with a clear topcoat. They are great for heavy traffic and machinery as they are highly durable and resistant to damages. They’re a great option for garages, basements, or home-gyms.


Quartz is very fine silica sand that is broadcasted 1-2 times on top of a basecoat, and sealed with a clear topcoat. The small silica particles add texture and resistance to the coating once cured. They are scratch-resistant, and extremely safe due to the non-slip additives. They make a great choice for commercial kitchens, ramps, outdoor stairs, driveways, or places prone to slipperiness.


Metallic epoxy is incredibly popular due to its endless customization. Application begins with a base coat, and then the metallic pigment is mixed with clear and poured in ribbons on top of the base coat. Each installer has their own unique way of doing this, but since epoxy is self-levelling, as it cures, it creates unique waves and ribbons that resemble marble. It is hard-wearing and durable like marble, but at ⅓ of the price

Solid Color

These are practical and easy floors, typically consisting of clear epoxy mixed with a colored pigment, poured on top of a primer. They are great as a statement floor, or toned down to match the theme/ aesthetic of your home.


This is a favorable application where we apply a stencil over top of your epoxy project. It is a great way to showcase logos, highlight branding, or show your team spirit!

Color Options

Standard Colors

Safety Colors

Powder Pigment Colors

Metallic Pigment Colors