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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete In The Augusta
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Why Decorative Concrete & Overlay?

A decorative concrete overlay covers surface imperfections in your concrete floors, providing a face-lift at a lower cost than removing and replacing would be. There are a variety of different overlay styles and techniques, for different functional needs

Durable & Long-Lasting

Concrete is a strong material, and since the overlay typically consists of pigments or stains, the floor remains strong and resistant to damages

Versatile For Interior & Exterior Applications

There are a variety of colors, stains, stencils, stamps, and even finishes when it comes to concrete. You can choose the combination that will create a unique look for your floors.


Sealed concrete floors are resistant to water damages.

Unlimited Color Pigments

Endless color pigments and stencils make decorative overlays have endless possibilities

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Since they are made of concrete, they will last a long time before needing an upgrade and will break down naturally in the environment after many years of negligence.

Services Explained

Concrete Wood

This kind of system is one of the most popular systems in the resurfacing industry. Also known as “faux wood”, or woodcrete, or concrete wood, it is best known for its beautiful hardwood flooring appearance while boasting the longevity of concrete.

This Concrete Wood System starts with an industrial cementitious coating that is formulated to be stronger than concrete itself. We use a combination of taping, troweling, and staining techniques to make the realistic look of reclaimed hardwood with grain, knots, and nail holes that you can actually feel.

Tuscan Slate

We use a polymer-infused cementitious mixture to create a permanent decorative finish on any existing concrete surface. Transform your home or business with this high-end looking finish – inside and out. This is suitable for sidewalks, basement floors, patios, showrooms, porches, commercial areas, pool decks, living areas and more.

This custom slate texture is created on site, and we use coloring, mineral pigments, and even antiquing methods in order to give you an authentic look that resembles expensive flooring 

Grand Flagstone

Flagstone is a classic look that originally dates back to 13th century Europe where it was used for interior flooring on castles. You can give the look of grand, beautiful stones without spending exuberant amounts of money. These oversized stones look amazing on pool decks, patios, porches, and more. Our process begins with stone texture troweling, done over hand-crafted patterns, then followed by a layered antiquing process for a flagstone look that resembles natural stone.