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Epoxy Coatings

Decorative Concrete & Overlays In Augusta Georgia Area


Our residential applications know no limits. Transform your old, dull concrete into a beautiful, useable space.


Show your customers how much you care by making your commercial floors beautiful, unique works of art. Your staff will appreciate too


Our industrial floors can withstand the heavy traffic and hardwearing that usually comes with an industrial facility or warehouse.

Our Systems

If you are looking to upgrade and protect your garage, residential, commercial, or industrial flooring, we are veteran-owned and prioritize excellence. Whether you’re looking for a unique epoxy coating or a hand-etched concrete overlay, our team of experts will deliver with full satisfaction. Beautify while simultaneously protecting your concrete. Our floors are designed to last, and we take full measures to make sure each step of our application process is done thoroughly and correctly so that your floors can last for years to come.

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Concrete Overlays

What are Decorative Overlays? Protect & Beautify your Floors!

Highest quality installations including concrete wood, tuscan slate, and grand flagstone

Augusta, GA
Evans, GA
Grovetown, GA
Harlem, GA
Appling, GA
Thomson, GA
Hephzibah, GA
North Augusta, SC
Aiken, SC
Lexington, SC
Columbia, SC
Greenwood SC

What is Concrete Polishing?

A polished concrete floor is the result of grinding down concrete using varying diamond grit sizes, to achieve a glassy, polished, durable surface. Polished concrete floors are commonly used in larger industrial or commercial areas, are a great fit for your Livingston shipping hub due to their cost-effectiveness. There are a few different polishing styles, such as a matte polish, or grind and seal. These typically involve fewer steps than a full mechanical polish, while still achieving a similar result. These types of floors generally cost less per square foot than epoxy floors, making them a favorable option for large areas. Include a picture of polished concrete.

Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring Solutions  Upgrade Your Floors.